Sue Seymour/ the Good, the Bad & the Very Wild, video still 2020. Image courtesy of artist

Current Little Majestic artists

Camilla Lawson | Little Majestic

Mess With It: [Project Room]
My work is prop-making and theming events and venues. My passion is painting, video installation and performance. My focus is Little Majestic, driving creative expression.

Claudia “Pops” Bagnall

Completing an Alice Springs residency, I returned to Sydney exhibiting painting, sculpture and ceramics, at 107 Projects, Tekminimal, Comber St Studios, Kudos Gallery and Saint-Cloche.

Neil Beedie

I am a Sydney-based artist moving across painting, writing & performance.

Julia Brooks

As a mixed-media artist, I spend my time collecting discarded, broken and unwanted objects. These found objects inspire me to create art works which I hope contain “just the right amount of Dada…”

Clarissa de Castro

Painter at night, vegan chef during the day. Portraits are my forte, acrylics, oils, watercolour, guoache, ink and mixed media. Art for sale and commissions,

Thea Conway

I’m a woodworker and maker. I repair and restore timber chairs and create traditional rush and Danish cord seat weaving. I also practice woodcarving and am currently working on a collection of hand carved wooden spoons and homewares.  

Melanie Gillbank

I am passionate about costume for performance. I love using a wide range of fabrications and techniques to create unique works.

Jessica Goodall

I make collages with gouache and paper. It is a meditative process and the intention of the work is to evoke a sense of contemplative calm.

Sally Hillier

El Agua Flamenco
I teach guitar and chamber music, and make costumes for flamenco dancers.

Angie Hulme

Kitten Vintage
I source, re-fashion and re-sew the coolest, raddest 80’s and 90’s Vintage clothing and accessories. In addition, my clothing range kit//ten, features my designs using vintage fabrics.

Sally Jackson

I am a Sydney based fashion designer working across media, arts and fashion sectors. My work explores sustainable initiatives and design practices through experimental action and research.  

Bettina Kaiser

I am an artist and designer working in a range of mediums exploring the world around us.

Jeremy Kirwan-Ward

I am a painter whose work, although predominantly abstract and colour field, sometimes references natural phenomena. I usually work large-scale and periodically in collaboration with my partner, Helen Smith.

Joanne Makas

Working across painting, installation, drawing and performance, I am passionate about bringing the thinking-feeling-knowing body to the forefront of practice.

Jessica Maurer

I am a photographer and artist. My photography business documents art, design and architecture. My art practice is currently drawing. based.

Peter Mcleay

I like painting and drawing using mixed media.

Dr Enda Murray

Virus Media
My creative and academic work spans interest in culture, education and social change. As an award-winning filmmaker, I have produced content for national TV and abroad and am Founder/Director of the Australian Irish Film Festival.

Monique Pompe

I’m a painter and I like to work with acrylics and mixed media. I’m also a trained printmaker and ceramicist, although painting is my main passion at the moment. Get in touch at  

Shann Preece

My interdisciplinary practice combines drawing, collage, painting and printing. My work delves into and explores politics and ontological systems through pattern making and motifs.

Fiona Roderick

Inspired by Australia’s wildlife, my work plays with lino printing, pressed leaves, ink and wood. My original collages, prints and designs are sold at artisan markets and galleries across Australia.

Katherine C Rooney

My work focusses on the Australian rural and urban landscape. The stretch of highway is a recent subject but for 20 years, cows have remained my favourite figures to paint. My work is represented by Sydney and Regional galleries.

Shannon Rooney

I’m a Journalist, Editor and PR Consultant – a Storyteller for hire. I also project manage events and festivals, and produce visual stories.

Helen Smith

My practice is influenced by a formal, minimalist viewpoint and includes painting on canvas, large-scale wall works [quite often completed as projects with my collaborator in life, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward) and an interest in “upcycling” materials.

Luciana Smith

Recently exhibiting at Innerspace Contemporary, Saint Cloche and Canteen, my paintings are opportunistic snapshots, marrying found imagery and candid subjects, revealing a prosaic humour.

Maggie Stein

Stein Press
I’m a linoprint addict, art teacher and I also dig soil, cycling and all things green. Online sales through website pm me for more info.

Ed Steward

I’m a drag performer and maker of assorted cute things. Currently, I’m working on making videos so that I can expand into the digital realm.

Danny Sky

My new independent clothing label, “Songs and Dreams”, offers limited edition fashion pieces for all genders. Mixing upcycled vintage clothing and recycled fabrics, I create exciting, ethical and environmental conscientious fashion

Paola Talbert

My photography practise is focused on creating distinctive and imaginative compositions that inspire human connection with the environment using film and digital cameras.

Laurie Jayne Verling

I work in Film & Television in Art direction, Production and Costume design. I create inventive solutions! My passion is dyeing, embroidery, stop motion, miniatures and puppetry.

Alli Sebastian Wolf

Deep Sea Astronauts [Founder and Director]
Through performance, costume and writing, my work examines environmental, feminist and queer themes, exposing archetypal narratives with subversive humour and twisted whimsy.