a creative space in Marrickville

a creative space in Marrickville

Little Majestic

A creative warehouse of Artist Studios, Gallery and Workshop space to visit and hire.

Events, Residencies and Online Programs.

Home to over 25 artists, makers and designers, Little Majestic offers Fine Art, Creative Education, Performance and Installation, Photography, Film, Fashion, Costume, Prop-making, and Venue theming.


Curatorial Takeover! by Little Majestic Artists and Artists in Residence.

This month, we are #inthe-curatorial-eye of Camilla Lawson.

Follow the building of new studios and other making projects around the premises of Little Majestic.

26th January

Is an opportunity to reflect:

the history and culture of First Nation people continues to inform and enrich Australia as a Nation;
Australian community and business continues to benefit from notions of Terra Nullius.

Is an opportunity to

galvanise determination to bring about social and financial justice for First Nation people.